All Nations ATLANTA has the responsibility of raising up leaders and voices that fit the need for the region God has called us to serve locally and for the world abroad. Within the context of Atlanta, we know that we have a God-sized vision to see a city shaken and turned upside down for the glory of God. Connect with one of our growing ministries to see how you can be apart of the vision! Take a look at some of the ministries we have to offer at ANWA-ATL.


Friction Student Ministry! It is our vision to impact the lives of all we encounter through serving the community, shifting cultures, and sustaining growth. Our statement of intent with our students is to shift the city through Christ consciousness, community, and character. It is our desire with our partners is to create an atmosphere that cultivates servant leadership, spiritual gifts, and community through relational accountability.In addition to fostering an atmosphere that fortifies the familial hedge by nurturing relationship, establishing trust, and bridging generational gaps with our parents.


All Nations Worship Assembly Atlanta Dominion Marriage Ministry is committed to the development, the encouragement and the fulfillment of God ordained covenant marriages and relationships. Ministering covenant marriage, between a man and a woman that is Christ centered. We will be a ministry that will create an environment and nurture growth in the areas of communication, openness between spouses, a greater commitment to the success of covenant marriage/relationship and how to fight and remain victorious over the attacks of the enemy.


Intercession is the life source and culture of All Nations Worship Assembly of Atlanta. We believe that God does nothing in the Earth, without first revealing it to His servants as told to us in Amos 3:7. Our mandate, as Intercessors, is to be people who are aware of, well versed in, and astute in the language of the Heart of God, as it relates to people, places, & things. Our objective is to simply, “Pray on site with in sight”…unto He glory of our God. History belongs to the Intercessor, and we intend to leave our mark.


Our Mission is to support Brothers as we boldly take steps away from ungodly ties and answer the call on their lives. We stand boldly in our drive to tear down the negative perceptions of men that exist in our communities and in the church. We embrace our diversity, we embrace our boldness, we embrace our right to purity and we embrace the call of God that rest on our lives. While preserving our faith, love, and gentleness; we don’t run from the fight of faith, we accept it. As Brothers, as men, we lock in, we declare that we have a destiny and we boldly mantle ourselves for all to see. We lead because it’s who we are.


Our ministry carries the Heart of God. We are the Frontline that people will experience in our church environment. We are the FIRST ONES who will bring people from doubt to belief by demonstrating the Power of God’s Heart by Servanthood of Love. Our goal is to interact in an energetic, friendly, safe and positive servanthood attitude engaging the diversity of culture from youth to the elder. Our mission is to ensure that everyone-members and/or visitors-leave with an unforgettable experience both spiritually as well as naturally.

LyfeSaverz Evangelism

LyfeSaverz! People devoted to loving God and growing spiritually, demonstrated by constant outreach, obvious unity, a heart to serve, and a willingness to think about & discuss God’s ways.The LyfeSaverz (Evangelism Ministry) exists to • Teach the Word (I Timothy 4:13) • Evangelize, using the Word (II Timothy 4:2) • Adventure through life, guided by the Word (II Tim. 3:16- 17) • Minister to all because of the Word (Ephesians 6:7).

Altar Workers

We believe the altar is the crowning glory of the church service, and the place of sacrifice. Congregants come in faith for healing both physical and spiritual; as well as, restoration and deliverance. As altar workers we have the pleasure of standing with, interceding and engaging in spiritual battle for the souls of Gods people so the will walk away changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our mission and purpose as altar workers is to assist leadership in sustaining and maintaining order during times of altar calls. To assist when congregants approach the altar for prayer, worship, healing, deliverance as they encounter God and His presence (Mark 16:17-18; Ephesians 4:12)

Worship & Arts

“All Nations Worship ATL’s mission is to facilitate conversation between heaven and earth in a worship setting. We aim to serve as spiritual compasses that direct the hearts of believers towards the presence of The Lord, while navigating atmospheres through music, intercession, and prophecy.”



Young Adults