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History Vision

ANWA-ATL is the first church plant of All Nations Worship Assembly — Chicago. The idea and concept of this plant happened after days of prayer and a breakfast meeting between our Apostolic Overseer, Dr. Matthew Stevenson; our Senior Pastor, LaBryant Friend; and Pastor Adrian Davis. On April 5th, 2016, the three agreed to bring their collective influence, gifting, and passion for God together in a pursuit to establish All Nations churches around the country to give definition, language, and purpose to the lives of people throughout the nation.

The beginnings were prolific and powerful. From an interest meeting in July 2016 to the first pre-launch service on August 15, 2016, the Lord has been in the midst of every step that has allowed the fabric of what we will become to be woven together. Through impartation from our headquarters in Chicago and a collective hunger from people across the Atlanta area, the momentum has been consistent and powerful as world changers gather in preparation for doing just that: changing the world.

Though ANWA-ATL is new, our headquarters in Chicago, IL has existed since June 2004 under the apostolic leadership of Dr. Matthew Stevenson. As a whole, the culture of All Nation’s churches have the DNA of being dynamic New Testament congregations with a vision and mission centered on discipling families, raising up world leaders, and social transformation. Our services are marked by powerful praise and worship expressions, strong prayer, and revelatory teaching through the Word of God. It is a place where everybody belongs and where we are committed to developing strong covenant relationship to see our world radically changed.

With that, All Nations Churches have a supernatural vision for our churches. It’s a God-sized vision. We believe that God wants to use our church to help turn Atlanta — a city has that stands in the need of revival within its morality, political climate, and violence — back to the heart of the Father. We want to be an impact; not just another church on the corner participating in weekly service with no fingerprint or DNA for change. We believe that God wants to use our church to raise the dead, to turn spiritually dead people into worshippers of the risen and reigning Jesus who are passionate to see others meet, enjoy, and follow Jesus.


Engage Culture

One of the most powerful aspects of Jesus’ ministry was His desire to engage culture. He literally changed the world by using what others would have called “the least of these” to make it happen. He had no regard for title or reputation of the status quo; instead, He sought to meet people right where they were and cause their hearts to be changed for the Kingdom. He did it for Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10). He did it for the woman at the well (John 4). We believe that He desires to do it for the entire world today.

By engaging culture, we understand that we live in a society that has little regard for God. Instead of using that as a barrier, we use it as the tool to allow the light of Christ to shine through us and go into every man’s world. Regardless of the current status of one’s life or situation, we will never allow a moment in their lives to stop what God wants to reveal in their destiny. Since Jesus engaged culture and met people right where they were, so will we.


Equipping Leaders

Jesus’ model of ministry shows us the importance of equipping accompanied by impartation. He took three years and through careful trial and release of authority prepare men to change the world. Too much and too often, we require and expect people to follow through on ideas and concepts that they have not been properly equipped to manage. Our heart is to raise up world changers by equipping them with the knowledge, insight, and power that is necessary to see God’s design released over their lives.

By equipping leaders, we commit to take the necessary time to evaluate and prepare people for their God-given assignment in the earth. There is a God-sized dream and purpose laid out for your life and we believe God wants you prepared to reveal all that He has. We impart to raise up multipliers and duplicators so that every leader will be raising leaders to continue to create opportunities for the Kingdom to be expanded in the earth.


Empower Living

The freedom that becomes accessible because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is more than one connect to salvation. The crux of Jesus’ sacrifice and atonement deals with reconciliation between God and man — which also deals with our lives and living. We know have the ability to prosper holistically (body, soul, and spirit) and consequently, each area of our lives have the capacity for empowerment.

Health, wellness, financial breakthrough, spiritual growth, and soul prosperity (3 John 2) are all part of our inheritance through Jesus Christ. We are adopted as sons (Roman 8:15) and our Father is the King of kings. Through this, we decide that we never settle for less than the King’s best in every area of our lives.


Expand Kingdom

When we allow all of these areas to be in sync together, we will set the course for our city to see the Kingdom of God revealed in the earth. Each of these areas are a reflection of the fullness of God being released in and over our lives. Our ultimate goal and desire is to see Him lifted and to see His Kingdom expanded throughout the world.

We are world changers who carry the DNA of the King. Wherever we go and whatever we do, our ultimate desire is for His name to be lifted throughout all of the earth. When we do our part to make His name known, the automatic byproduct of the name of Jesus being lifted is the drawing of souls to Him (John 12:32). When we do the lifting by establishing His name and Kingdom, He will always be faithful to do the drawing and expand His Kingdom in the earth.

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