In a city filled with churches and ministries, God is sending a new movement that will declare His voice and the power of His Kingdom to the unchurch and de-churched alike. We believe in a modern-day Jesus model ministry that is earmarked by powerful deliverance, transformational worship, and the raising of disciples to be His hands and feet in the earth.

Our vision is simple. We believe that God has called us to the city of Atlanta to:


Jesus was engaged with the culture of His time. He was found in the places where the religious feared to tread. With His sensitivity to the times, He gained favored in the eyes of the broken and ostracized of society.

Where many churches demand perfection and an “outward” cleansing for inclusion, All Nations desires to duplicate what Jesus did: love people just as they are and help them become better than they have ever been.


Jesus took 12 men and changed the trajectory of the world. We believe that God has called us to raise leaders across the city to serve the purpose of world changers and city transformers. We are a house of training and equipping Kingdom leaders to impact and change the world that they engage in daily.


Christ did not die for us to simply go to heaven. He left a promise in the earth through the Holy Spirit that empowers every aspect of our lives and living. If we are only living for heaven, we are wasting our time on earth.

Living empowered means holistic prosperity in the earth. Our bodies are well, our spirits are thriving, our souls is healed, our finances are in abundance, and every area of our lives are experiencing what happens because of the presence of God in our lives.


When we maximize the first three in our lives, we open the door for the Kingdom of God to be expanded through us. Kingdom expansion is not church membership. It is taking the authority of the King into every sector of society and making His name great by the excellence of our lives. We were created to take dominion, and expanding His name through His authority gives us the ability to do just that.

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